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Animal Coils


The RAPID Biomedical product range for animal applications include coils and arrays for proton and non-proton studies in a manyfold variety, like volume resonators or surface coils for studies on a mouse knee or a pig, and almost anything inbetween.

We offer animal coils for any field strengths up to 21 Tesla, adapted to any commercially available NMR scanner model.

Most of the RAPID Biomedical products are designed and built specifically for the individual customer’s needs. The development of these coils is based on a detailed briefing with the user to define intended results, ROI, handling convenience, housing design and other important criteria.

We also offer a growing range of “off-the-shelf”-coils for various implementations like i.e. small animal brain and heart studies. RAPID Biomedical standard coils and devices offer an optimized cost-performance ratio and a shorter delivery period.




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RAPID MR International distributes custom designed and highly developed biomedical instruments for MRI applications. If you don’t see the coil you need on our products page, we will be happy to assist you in identifying the MRI coil that will meet the needs of your application.

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