Let Your Publication Perform Twice!
With a Special 2020 Drawing on May 15th, 2020 and the Final Drawing on November 26th, 2020
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Our “Call for Publications” campaign has become a bit of a company tradition that runs every two years.  Just as we were getting ready to make the campaign announcement this year, the coronavirus took over.

While we have never seen a crisis like this, our recent focus has been on company continuity and stability.  Even during these uncertain times, RAPID continues with our daily operations and coil projects.  We as a team have embraced the challenges and remain confident.

Since many of our customers and business partners are working with either capacity reductions or adjusting with offices at home, we thought it might actually be a good time to move forward with our campaign.

Looking forward to receiving many exciting publications.

Keep safe, stay healthy and good luck!

RAPID MR International Team