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Head Coils for Interventional MRI


  • volumetric arrays optimized for use with interventional devices
  • each array offers access to the head while maintaining optimum image quality
  • some arrays can be ordered directly, others can only be ordered through our collaborating partners





multi channel head arrays


open access for interventional or stimulating devices
coil designs maintaining optimum SNR

5 – 8 channels

B0 field strength:  1.5 T and 3 T
required equipment:  

Some of these coils are available as a package with the interventional device through our collaborating partners only.


5 channel head array MRI Interventions ClearPoint system
8 channel head array Monteris NeuroBlade system
8 channel head array InSightec ExAblate Neuro
8 channel head array TMS compatible
8 channel head array Brainlab Brainsuite iMRI



RAPID MR International distributes custom designed and highly developed biomedical instruments for MRI applications. If you don’t see the coil you need on our products page, we will be happy to assist you in identifying the MRI coil that will meet the needs of your application.

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