RAPID Biomedical under New Ownership

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RAPID Biomedical under New Ownership

Letter from the new managing director to our valued customers and suppliers:

After 17 years, the Managing Director of RAPID Biomedical and RAPID MR International, Mrs. Ulrike Haase, and its founder, Prof. Dr. Axel Haase, have decided to step down from the company.

After conducting a thorough search for someone that would fit our business and philosophy, we are pleased to inform you that on July 31, 2015 ownership was transferred to
Felix Faskerty. Mr. Faskerty is head of the FASTRON Group, a family owned company in second generation with facilities in Germany, Malaysia and Hungary. He brings substantial experience, vision and innovation to our business. As with the other companies of the FASTRON Group, RAPID will remain an independent operation.

With the new owner, the business identity of RAPID Biomedical will be maintained. Keeping the faces that you have grown to know and trust, we will continue to be your partner for any MR RF coil project. The former shareholders Dr. Florian Odoj, Dr. Titus Lanz and
Dr. Alexander Weisser will keep and even expand their key roles. Florian Odoj has been appointed the new Managing Director. Our employees will remain as part of the new ownership, and you will continue to work with the same motivated team in our company as you have in the past.

FASTRON’s main business is manufacturing inductors for medical technology, high frequency, power supplies and electronic applications in the automotive industry, as well as light. For more information on FASTRON, please refer to www.fastrongroup.com.

We are looking forward to a bright new future with you, our valued business partner, at our side. If you have any questions about this exciting news, please contact us at any time. We can be reached at the same phone numbers and email addresses and are more than happy to receive your feedback.